Every four years, the International cricket counsel organizes the international championship of one-day cricket matches commonly known as ICC World Cup. The championship is considered to be the world’s most viewed sporting events. Since then, the series has been taking place and after every four years, the excitement remains the same.

ICC world cup 2019 is almost here:

We can already feel the cricket in the air. The anxious wait of cricket lovers is about to get over. When it’s about cricket, there is no age limit. In Pakistan particularly, cricket is celebrated more like a festival.  From youngsters to elderlies, everyone is waiting for the series to begin. This year, England and Wales are going to be the hosting countries for the 12th edition of the cricket series that will long from 30th May 2019 to 14th July 2019. Unlike the previous world cups (2011 &2015) where 14 teams were featured, this year 10 teams will take part in the tournament.

Many television networks and channels have issued their ICC world cup 2019 live streaming schedule. Besides, they are working on HD quality for Wc live streaming. Apart from the ICC World Cup live streaming, fans will now be able to get wc live scoring through alerts and notifications offered by Network channel apps. Since everyone cannot afford to sit all day long around the screening, this is going to be the best way to get updated with Wc live. Whether you are at your workplace, in a meeting or having an exam, you’ll get the recent updates every minute and you won’t feel left out.

Prediction of ICC world cup 2019:

Like the previous series, ICC world cup 2019 is predicted to be the most viewed series in the upcoming days. Many food chains and famous restaurants have already issued their cricket season menu which off course includes Wc live streaming. If you are unable to download applications on your cellphone, you can get Wc live scores through websites. Wc live streaming is an important factor during the cricket season and no one can deny its importance. To make the best out of it, many application developers have launched their own ICC Wc live streaming app that will let you look for a recent updated going around ICC World Cup live.

Cricket is not only a sport but a way of communication and brotherhood between countries. We hope that ICC World Cup 2019 brings a peace gesture among the fellow countries.


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