Cybercrime maybe a word familiar to all but a plethora of individuals don’t know how it actually works and about its devastating consequences. With the advancements in technology, cybercrime is reaching new heights of success and the people behind the screens are searching for new ways to make it even more successful. Due to their shear hard work, cybercrime has given birth to international cybercrime which is even more hazardous.
What is international cybercrime?
Cybercrime is commonly referred to as illegal activities that are done through the internet. To put it forward, international cybercrime is an updated version where these horrendous activities are done globally. What’s even more horrifying is the fact that anyone using the internet can be a victim of it unintentionally that’s why shiver runs down the spine of individuals when they hear these unfortunate cases. To put it in simple words, sometimes it feels like a trailer from an action movie where the hero unfortunately comes across a problem which he never anticipated, but in the real world there is usually no happy ending in such cases and the victim has no option but to cry over his/her fate.
Why is it dangerous?
A recent news shed light on the fact that almost two thirds of all adult web users have been victims of some sort of cybercrime. The alarming news is that no one is immune to this epidemic crime even the head of Interpol. People have reported that their credit card details have been stolen without them getting to know it unless they figured out strange transactions in their bank accounts. A recent conference on anti-cybercrime revealed that there is an escalating threat of about $US105 billion related to illegal businesses.
Experts are of the opinion that terrorists may end up launching cyberattacks which may be difficult to handle. What’s even more horrifying is that once you fall prey to it, there is almost no chance of getting justice. A study recently showed that 80% of over 7,000 internet users pleaded to get justice but their efforts went in vain.
Cyber-crime is like carrying out silent hit-and-run attacks that steal individuals’ details and they are clueless. It would come as an ultimate shock but China has the most cybercrime victims which has reached an astounding rate of 83% followed by India and Brazil at 76% and 73% respectively.
How to mitigate or prevent international cybercrime?
The answer to this question may not be as straight forward as the question itself but you can always call prevention as the best line of defense against this deadly crime. Two simple steps can be taken by the most vulnerable ones in order to avoid crying over his matter later on.
Education and Training
It may sound quite obvious, but this is the primary step that’ll certainly engulf you in the circle of protection. It is crucial for your employees to identify the most common hacking tactics, namely social engineering and packet sniffing. Being aware beforehand will certainly protect you and your company from those evil eyes.
Securing Computers, Digital Assets, and Networking
This step simply refers to the safety of your vehicle and it’s the same as having a seatbelt which will prevent the hackers from gaining access to your system. A business-class antivirus software is the go-to solution to this problem, but attention must be paid to it being up to date. A myriad of companies and individuals are accustomed to check viruses on their systems, but they are unaware that websites and web applications are prone to the same threat.
One must bear in mind that their network must be in a position to detect such crimes. This further sheds light on the immediate necessity of investing in softwares that would work instead of paying heed to the cheaper ones available in the market.
Advancements in technology has certainly posed a major threat on the privacy of individuals. The internet had been perceived as a route through which one could secure his or her data but now it’s apparent that nothing can be safe as long as it’s on the internet. This doesn’t mean that one should just stop using the internet, but ways must be initiated through which it can be made more secure. A thought to ponder upon is that if those minds can come up with ways to steal private information so there is no doubt that there are ways to undo it as well.

The key take-aways
Individuals, companies and corporate giants are prone to this dreadful virus.
One must take the necessary steps to protect himself/herself or the organization instead of crying over the loss in future.
Prevention is better than cure.
There may be no antibiotic which will claim 100% immunity from the disease but it’s best to give it a go.


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