You may forget what people say but you never forget how they make you feel. Doing things for your partner to make them feel loved is a vital part of developing intimacy and connection. Actions speak louder than words so even if you’re not great at saying romantic things you can ‘show’ your partner how you feel about them through these little gestures.

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Romantic relationships seem to require a lot of time and energy once the initial honeymoon stage is over. Keeping the spark in a relationship doesn’t have to entail big, elaborate declarations of love. It’s actually the little things that make your partner feel most loved.

Be Expressive with Your Love:

Just Read below how she was expressive and able to win her partner’s heart.

So what was that? Looking in to my eyes.. ? Well I’m starting at you too with a distance not much that i am very far but distant enough that you have to take one big step and pull me.

So I’m gazing at you ‘too’ with a distance – As seductive as you can imagine – Without words but with eyes – Expecting each other to read each others eyes.

Than when you pull me close – That surprises me – Although I am giving a hint myself that I need a hug this time.

But as hand on the waist even in mind makes gives me goose bumps – When you put your hand there.

And suddenly make an effort – I come with breath stuck – Half in and out stunt eyes

Staring even more – And breathing with sound enough that you can hear

And heart beat clear enough that you can even feel mine – Now to avoid that I’m trying to move back – As I don’t want you to see all this and notice much.

But this time your grip is tight – And although trying firstly by myself ..

Than pushing you with hand – With a force on your chest and holding your shirt – Pushing even harder

Slowly………. But harder – and you are doing the opposite and making the grip even tighter

And after trying so hard when I notice – That I have failed and I’m already onto you now, and that this isn’t working and that you already made it

Than with time As there is no escape that you’re giving me – And held me when you should like a man.

Strong and warm………When with time I see that’s how it is

I loose my grip – And with every press and hold that’s getting tighter and more

Now I’m loosing the grip – And not trying to push you away now

But as i m getting the feel – That this is my pain – The arms I have been waiting since long

The strength that I want to see – The strength that’s not just holding me but with that

Putting my head in to peace – And after ages and so long that my mind has come out of the chaos and got calm unknowingly

I start doing what you’ve been doing it since minutes previously – I move my hands around your neck myself – And this time I’m hugging you too simultaneously

With the feel that this is my possession

The feeling of mine – The feeling of not sharing with anyone – And the feel that you developed yourself with your efforts

The feel that you ‘earned’ it – You’re getting the fruit now – I’m holding you too

Hugging you too “Tightly”

And slowly pushing you to to the couch – This time together

So that this stays for sometime like this – Because by standing I mite try to put both my feet across and climb on you

Too much 😘❤❤

But right now as the couch I’m preferring – We move there

Still like it


Love birds

With tears in your eyes – As you’ve felt you got what you wanted

And something after which you don’t need anything else – And when I see your face like it

I give that smile – Smile is that’s warm -Smile that makes one feel warm

Than I move my head and put it on your shoulder and we lay like this for sometime

And after sometime when I try getting up, you ask for some more time ‘just a little more’

And I smile again , look into your eyes tap your face with my hand, Saying that I have to leave now

I get up but as you see me annoyed like a kid who has been taken his toy

His Favorite toy that he wants it back – When I turn around and see you like that – I feel like adoring you again

And with a sound of awwe I tap your face again – With a slow kiss on your cheeks

Saying that I’ll be right back with a wink – And you being on that sofa seeing me smiling

Happy with in – And so calm… :’)

It’s just a glimpse of how expressive I can be, all details noted , I told you irreplaceable.

Succeed in bringing me home bud.

You have no idea of how thankful you’ll be with every time you’ll just hold me.. . I always say that i double what I get.. Love me like I’m the best thing you’ve got and something you can’t even think about loosing.

Few Beautiful Love Quotes:

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”~Franklin P. Jones

              “Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.” – Les Brown


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